Our Programs

All of our programs encourage cognitive, social, emotional and physical development and enhancement as per the child's individual need. Children are cared for according to their age group:

  1.   Toddlers - 12 to 30 months
  2.   Preschool - 2 1/2 to 4 years
  3.   Kindergarten - 4 to 7 years

Toddlers - 12 to 30 months

We offer a full day program for toddlers focusing on both physical and mental growth.

At this age, children are more mobile and learning to be independent. We encourage their development by planning activities to provide them with experiences in physical activity, music, movement, art, sensory experiences, science, nature and language. We offer a balanced program that allows Toddlers to:

  1.      Learning new words and language skills.
  2.          Learning basic colors, numbers, alphabets and learning names of daily use objects.
  3.      Toddlers spend two hours each day engaged in outdoor activities.
  4.      Enhance their fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills
  5.      Explore, ask or play independently or in groups

We understand that in all of these activities there need to be social and emotional connections between the educator and the child. Our teachers reach out to create a bond and a trusting relationship with each child, as part of helping the child to grow as an individual.

Preschool - 2 1/2 to 4 years

Preschoolers are ready to learn many new concepts including colors, shapes, numbers, size, position, vocabulary, and listening skills.

At Colors at Danton, preschoolers enjoy a full day program with fun-filled activities that encourages them to:

  1.       Be active, co-operative and independent.
  2.       Learn to share and socialize with their peers.
  3.       Understand their own emotions.
  4.       Be creative and use their imagination and explore their surroundings.

Our pre-school program teaches children pencil control and scissor control. They begin to grasp the concepts of math, language, dramatic play, families and cultures. They also develop fine motor skills and creative art sensibility.

Children at this age have a need to understand their emotions. Our caring teachers help each child to be able to name these emotions and start to problem solve for themselves.

Kindergarten - 4 to 7 years

Kindergarten is a time to begin reading and gaining math skills to prepare your child for first grade.
We offer school-age children a balance of homework time, structured activities, free play and individual hands-on exploration. Children look forward to spending time with their friends and playing the numerous board games available at the Centre.
Our program is a combination of:

  1.   Auditory skills, reading and writing, visual discrimination, letter concepts and math
  2.   Weekly themes, with related activities, assist in developing your child’s knowledge base, attention span and effective communication skills.
  3.   Numerous arts and craft activities that encourage them to be creative

Our teachers use their experience and training to ensure that each child’s day is balanced with physical activities, learning, love and most of all, fun!

In preparation for grade one, our kindergarten program provides a more school-like structured setting. The low teacher to child ratios experienced by your child will give him or her huge advantage. Your child will be given the time and attention required to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of continued learning.