Healthy Eating

Promoting children’s health is an important aspect of quality at Colors at Danton. Our facilities are equipped with a fully functional Kitchen and a Certified and Dedicated cook to serve the needs of all the children under our care. We provide meal and snacks that meet each child’s individual nutritional needs. By providing children with nutrients that their bodies need to grow, they are able to develop and reach their physical potential. We have policies in place on healthy eating to ensure that our children are provided with healthy food and positive mealtime experience.

We believe that an effective healthy eating policy is important as it will help childcare professionals to understand children’s food choices in order to plan menu.

We follow Canada’s Food Guide as a resource for our Menu planning. Canada food guide gives recommendations on the number of serving for each food group that helps a child’s physical and mental growth.

We offer a variety of foods from each of the four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide daily at meal and snack times. We strictly adhere to the Menus and related policies and procedures approved by Ministry of Education and recommendation of Region of Peel.


Our menus are based on four food groups of food:

  1. Vegetables and fruit
  2. Grains products.
  3. Milk and Alternatives
  4. Meat and Alternatives

Please note: we respect all families’ cultural or dietary preferences.